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Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland



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Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland, which works to preserve, study and disseminate Finland-Swedish culture, changed its operations. The units located in Kruununhaka district of Helsinki were centralized into two buildings, one a house built in the 1950s. The scientific society management moved to the fifth floor of the Snellmanninkatu building. We created a cozy and modern activity-based working environment was on this floor. The views open up over the magnificent, historic Helsinki and the glass partitions allow light to flow through the space. The new space repeats the SLS interior design concept while adapting to the architectural features of the building. The modern, high-quality interior works in sync with history.

”Our collaboration with KOKO3 has been inspiring for the entire organization. We have renewed both premises and many of our modes of operation. The collaboration began in 2013 and has continued ever since, whenever we needed to design or update offices or visitor areas. KOKO3’s ability to collaborate with our staff on these projects has been key. Everyone, from staff to visitors, has been very pleased with the result.”

Dag Wallgren
CEO, Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland