Restaurant Paasi

Classic design elements with a modern twist


Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, Ravintolakolmio



What we did

Interior Design
Furniture Design
Graphic Design



Bringing Paasiravintola’s overall experience to the present was the goal of this complete restaurant update. While strongly respecting the history and neoclassical style of the building, a new spatial identity was created. The new restaurant design transitions seamlessly from morning to evening events. Flexibility, space division, and clarification of the customer service paths were also key objectives in this project. The update covered the grand hall, smaller event space Lasikabinetti and the second private cabinet, Salikabinetti.

The result is a play between classic and contemporary. The all-brass counter in the grand hall contrasts the historical style with its sleek and minimal look. The walls in Lasikabinetti boast a unique wallpaper showcasing Paasitorni and its surrounding landmarks. In Salikabinetti, two modern halo-style chandeliers create a show-stopping element. All three spaces hold new free-standing furniture that allows for easier floor plan transformations. The new pieces reflect classic design elements with a modern twist.

We designed a unique mural wallpaper, which features surrounding cityscape and iconic landmarks.