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The city’s first all-vegetarian restaurant opened its doors in the corner of Iso-Roobertinkatu in Helsinki. The spot had served as a McDonald’s for years. Dressed in bold colors, the restaurant has an atmosphere like no other. The aesthetics take influence from contemporary art, postmodernism, and Miami’s waterfront boulevard: Yes Yes Yes is a place where Sonny and Rico might step in on any given moment wearing their chunky shoulder pads.

The impressively long bar counter can fit many spontaneous visits, while the numerous tables can host groups in it for the long haul. The history of the premises was not overlooked: the mosaic-tiled pillar in the bar area was already in the space when one could still order a Big Mac at the counter.

Richard and Alex
Yes’s visionary restauranteurs

“Undoubtedly, it’s sweet, it’s quirky, it’s tasty, and it’s a no-brainer for one of the world’s most romantic date spots”

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