Fazer Café

The new era of a true classic




2012 – 2016

What we did

Identity Design
Interior Design
Furniture Design


Fazer Café Forum
Fazer Café Itis
Fazer Café Munkkivuori
Fazer Café Stockmann Helsinki
Fazer Café Turku
Fazer Café Vaasa
Fazer Café Tampere Hämeentie
Fazer Café Tampere Stockmann

The guidelines for the new Fazer Café chain are derived from the original Fazer Café, founded in 1891 and located on Kluuvikatu in Helsinki. The concept, which was co-developed with Fazer, continues the story of more than a hundred years by creating a thoughtful and modern café environment inspired by the past – a café one wants to return to time and time again. The café’s identity was designed in cooperation with Kokoro & Moi.

Fazer simultaneously renewed its product range. References from Central Europe and Scandinavia meet in spaces that ooze Fazer’s history and art deco. Sophisticated details such as marble tables and brass details refine the café experience: this is how you make everyday life a celebration.