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The founder Ville Relander wanted restaurant Madonna to have a classic feel so that the word ‘trendy’ would not necessarily be the first word that comes to mind. Extensive alteration work on the space in the old brick building began with the unveiling of the original architecture beneath decades of layers. The transfer of the kitchen allowed a view through the magnificent arched windows that in ancient times served as entrances to horse-drawn carriages. The classic bar counter serves as the inviting center and the dining room as a warm, lively meeting place. The atmosphere of the restaurant extends to the terrace, where spending the evening feels like an excursion to Central Europe.

Visiting Madonna is like traveling elsewhere, but at the same time, the atmosphere is comfortable as if you hadn’t left home at all. Nostalgia and modernity go hand in hand in the interior of the restaurant. The timeless elements interact with the fresher ones: Viennese chairs, chess grid floor, pop art-inspired wallpaper by Ettore Sottsass. Madonna fills you up with a zest for life and a rich aesthetic – however, we recommend that you also check out their menu.

”I swear by iconic and timelessly beautiful restaurants and rebel against skin-deep concept work and imitations. KOKO3’s strong suit is their ability to realize even the most demanding restauranteur’s vision in a way that considers personal wishes. With their expertise and eye for design, they can create harmonious spaces that enrich our restaurant culture. The result of a pleasant and ambitious collaboration is a restaurant that doesn’t conform to stereotypes yet feels approachable – a place that both staff and guests experience as their own. World-class. No regretti!”

Ville Relander
Restauranteur, Madonna