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Photos Christoffer Björklund

Kurtenia, selected as the most beautiful building in Vaasa, boasts a colorful history. The top floor of this stately building is the perfect space for a calm office environment. Harry Schauman was a property owner and businessman from Vaasa. He was also the founder of Vaasa’s steam bakery, the Vaasa swimming club, and the Vasa IFK sports club. Today, the foundation that carries his name, Harry Harry Schaumans Stiftelse, supports Ostrobothnian science, education, and culture in Swedish. The foundation is one of the largest private property owners in central Vaasa. It plays a significant role in cityscape development.

The top floor of Kurtenia underwent a major transformation. A former apartment was converted into a modern office space that reflects the foundation’s values and historic architecture. Inspired by the building’s stunning windows, arched shapes serve as the common thread throughout the interior. Arches, new wainscoting, polished details and a curated color palette come together as a modern yet timeless space with visual surprises. We come to wonder…what would Harry think?

The former apartment underwent a major transformation. The space was converted into a modern office space that reflects the foundation’s values and the building’s historic architecture.

“We received a professional and friendly service from KOKO3 together with a modern interior design with a bold color scheme. The end result takes into account both the values of the foundation as well as the old property.”

Jan-Erik Hinds
Property manager, Harry Schaumans Stiftelse