Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki




8000 m2 / 207 hotel rooms

What we did

Hotel rooms and corridors
Interior and furniture design
Graphic and signage design



Helsinki’s namesake hotel, Hotel Helsinki, is a hotel building designed by architect Pauli E. Blomstedt. The grand hotel was one of the architect’s most notable projects. Later, the building became renowned as the home of the legendary Helsinki Club. The beloved “Hesari” served in the corner of Kluuvikatu for a noteworthy 40 years.

The renewed Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki is a grand homage to Helsinki, piece by piece. It protrudes urban elegance – the hotel of choice for anyone who appreciates a personal, quality hotel experience. The hotel rooms and corridors build on Helsinki storytelling. The city’s best bits are found in numerous design details: seagulls hover over the market square in custom-designed wallpapers, while Bulevardi’s linden trees blossom along the corridors. Brass, domestic granite, and the city’s deep night blue recur in the various hotel rooms. Rightly named after its muse, the Helsinki suite offers all the pieces wrapped up in the ultimate Helsinki design experience.