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The entire spectrum of the Finnish forests


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The Finnish Forest Industries office is located in a late 1950s building in Helsinki’s Kruununhaka district. The lobby and staircase, clad in brass and natural stone represent mid-century style at its best.

The office space was due for some functional changes that were much needed. The dark and labyrinthine floor plan gave way to open and spacious common areas in the heart of the office. Workspaces on either side of the open central area now feature glass partitions. Sunlight now flows beautifully throughout the building.

The result balances community and privacy as well as the building’s characteristics and a modern relaxed feel. The Finnish Forest Industries’ brand and values are reflected in the interior. The green color scheme ranges from muted moss tones to spring green, symbolizing the entire spectrum of the Finnish forests. The unique and subtle glass partition tapings serve as an ode to tree species growing in Finland.

The entire spectrum of the Finnish forests