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What we did

Interior Design
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Having housed multiple companies in its lifespan, the valuable property built in 1929 now oozes fresh, modern energy. Epicenter is a digital house of innovation and a new type of office environment, helping local and international entrepreneurs and tech companies meet to innovate, collaborate, and grow their businesses. Located in the heart of Helsinki, the new premises strongly reflect Epicenter’s brand identity and encourage innovative and inspiring encounters. Since opening, Epicenter has grown into one of the most active arenas for business and technology events.

The open-plan concept allows for layered views, leading the eye from one space through to the next. Bold materials and patterns are used throughout the offices, open-plan working areas, and conference facilities. They make Epicenter Helsinki distinguishable yet recognizable as part of an international brand. In addition to using color as a branding tool, the interior concept draws inspiration from the building’s historical color palette – the result is a play between classic details and a contemporary concept. It all culminates in the impressive two-stories high gathering hall.

How Epicenter landed in Finland

It all started in Stockholm, where else. Our team flew over to Sweden, where we got acquainted with Epicenter’s customer experience. Developing the Helsinki experience continued as a close collaborative process as we proceeded with the interior design plans for the four-story space and its branded graphic identity.

Developing the customer experience
Interior design solutions
Graphic elements
Drafting phase
Work drawings
Constrution site responsibilities
Where we succeeded

Developing the customer experience

Our focus was to understand Epicenter’s potential clients and their needs – which spatial functions support networking and working and how can visual elements enhance the Epicenter brand as well as clients’ everyday experience.

Interior design solutions

The listed building created a framework for the design process, especially in terms of color design. The historic color palette was strengthened with strong accent colors. Improved room acoustics was achieved with unique carpeting and custom drapery.

Graphic elements

We were responsible for branded graphic material. This included a gigantic hologram taping in the two-story gathering hall, taping for glass partitions, unique patterns used in textile carpets, wayfinding signage and pictograms.

Drafting phase planning

The two-step drafting phase allowed for the client to provide feedback for the design mid-way. The design team’s visit to the Stockholm premises strengthened the understanding of the desired customer experience

Work drawings

An intense month, during which we produced a significant amount of custom furniture drawings, graphic materials and all interior and graphic design documents needed for the tendering process and construction.

Construction site responsibilities

The vast project required construction site visits and supervision. The most challenging construction site-related entities were large textile surfaces and the hologram taping of the ground-floor gathering.

Where we succeeded

The large gathering hall is the epicenter of many events in Helsinki. We are especially proud of this space, which has proven functional and highly recognizable in photos and videos captured at any event.