SLS Ritarikatu

Nurturing traditions from a fresh perspective


Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland


2015 / 2019
1850 m²

What we did

Principle Architecture
Interior Design
Furniture Design
Parcicipatory Design
Graphic Design



Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland, which works to preserve, study and disseminate Finland-Swedish culture, changed its operations. As a result of the change, the units located around Kruununhaka district in Helsinki were centralized in two buildings, one a protected value building on Ritarikatu. The Ritarikatu unit is the heart and spiritual home of SLS, which houses numerous functions: the new street-level customer service facilities with a research library, workspaces, a ballroom, a winter garden, an exhibition space, and an archive. The scholarly society’s activities and visual identity were made highly visible in the facilities. Here the modern researchers work under the attentive eyes of Topelius and Runeberg.

Modern-day spaces touched by the spirit of history.

Ritarikatu’s new customer service spaces opened SLS’s operations to a wider researcher community.