We design spaces that improve the customer service experience, boost well-being and strengthen brands. Our services are comprehensive — we work boldly and humanely.

Our services combine customer understanding with spatial expertise. We help our clients reach their goals by allocating investments efficiently — no matter the size of the project.

Our customers include companies, hotels, restaurants, property owners, developers, commercial operators, and the public sector. We also work with the cultural sector, such as museums, foundations, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions.

We have over 25 years of work experience. This has made us leading experts in spatial development. We draw inspiration from people, creative anarchy, and open-mindedness.

Interior design

We spend most of our time indoors. A successfully executed space brings people together — that’s why interior design matters!

We design unique spaces that improve interaction and well-being. We want to help companies grow their businesses by creating spatial environments that support development and growth.

We create work environments, hotels, restaurants, learning facilities, customer services spaces, museums, retail stores, and shopping malls. With strategic vision, solid experience, and great client relationships we deliver bold and remarkable interiors.

Our services include:
Interior concept | Room schedules | 3D-planning | BIM | Color design | Material design | Furniture design | Fixed furniture design | Lighting design | Acoustics | Collaborative design | YCo-development | Project lead | Budgeting | Spatial branding | Graphic elements | Signage and taping

Interior design process

KOKO3:s expression
Our visual language is rooted in culture, art, and creative expression.
We look for solutions that feel fresh and offer surprising perspectives, curiosity, and joy. We are inspired by people.

Close customer collaboration
Co-development and straightforward client collaboration are seamless parts of our interior design process. We work as project leaders and push for co-development. We supervise the planning and help with sourcing. We always consider the profitability and feasibility of each project. We have a wide network of experienced partners in the construction industry.

3D design aids
We use 3D software as the base for our design work. We use models for design, client communication, unit calculations, and cost predictions. If you want to experience your space before construction, we also offer VR tours or 3D models.

Topical themes in interior design
A hybrid office is the new normal of work environments. Other current themes include shareability, safety, and sustainable building methods. The hotel and restaurant sector focus is on memorable, multi-sensory spaces.

Concept design
Interior concepts
Functional design
Visual appearance
Spatial story

3D design
3D model
Visualizations for marketing
VR tours

Contract planning
Fixed and loose furniture design
Color and material design
Lighting and acoustics design

Requirement mapping and analysis
Interactive questionnaires
Work environment interviews
Interactive workshops
Info sessions

Project management
Interior design management
Project communication
Sourcing support
Construction supervision

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Work and learning environment development

The digital turn and hybrid work are revolutionizing work environments. We help companies see the benefits, challenges, and development needs of their workspaces. The catalyst for development can be moving to new premises, functional and organizational changes, or space-saving.

Change isn’t always easy. We have developed processes and tools that facilitate work and learning environment development every step of the way. We look for functional solutions with the help of co-development and service design. Our social and experienced team produces workshops, info sessions, and interviews in addition to design.

A development project can consist of a business’s premises or even the concept of an entire property. In addition to the private sector, we develop cultural sector workspaces and learning environments for schools, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions. Our clients include Senate Properties, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland, the University of Helsinki, and many others.

Our services include:
Work environment concepts | Learning environment concepts | Project planning | Room schedules | Interior design | 3D-planning BIM | Co-development | Interactive workshops | User questionnaires | Work environment interviews | Info sessions | Communication support

Participatory design and co-development process

Our approach is based on service design and offers tools for a successful result. We look for solutions with the help of co-development, including work environment interviews, interactive workshops, functional room schedules, 3D visualizations, and open communication. Our processes cover the entire trajectory of spatial development, from needs assessment to completed spaces. We support project management and communication processes throughout the project.

Tailored processes and tools – ask us more
We have plenty of experience in the successful realization of vast and complicated development projects. We are happy to tell you more about our successes and the processes and tools that we have developed along the way. We believe all problems are made to be solved!

Topical themes
We solve issues related to hybrid work, co-working, security, and sustainable building methods. Topical themes associated with learning environments are multi-functionality and space sharing. New learning facility solutions are developed from pedagogical perspectives, with experience-based learning and the roles of both teachers and students at the forefront.

Solution-based process
Leading change processes
Sparring workshops for leadership
Steering committee work
Change management support
Solution option compilation

User questionnaires
Work environment interviews
Interactive workshops
Feedback and development workshops
Interactive excursions

Communication support
Open info sessions
Graphic space and function charts
3D visualizations
VR (Virtual Reality) tours

Functional development
Needs assessment
Functional analyses
Test fit layouts
Room schedules

Concept design
Work environment concepts
Learning environment concepts
Visual appearance

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Graphic design

We deliver the message and make it noticeable and memorable.

We produce elements of visual identities, such as logos, typography, signage, infographics, illustrations, patterns, and image concepts.

We move agilely in the two-dimensional world and bring ideas to three-dimensional spaces and surfaces. The seamless alliance between spaces and graphical elements creates a coherent, individual experience that supports the brand, its values, and functions.

Our services include:
Art Direction | Visual concepts | Brand identity | Naming | Logos | Slogans | Typography | Signage design | Taping | Graphic guidelines | Visual elements | Image design | Pictograms | Layouts | Package design

Graphic design process

The core principles of our service
We are experts in both spatial environments and surface design. The role of graphic elements in spaces can be to support, guide, or inspire. We will brighten your existing brand with strong expertise — or create you a brand new one.

Here’s how we can help
Our services cover brand identities, signage design, pattern design, graphic guidelines, marketing materials, layouts, production planning, and surveillance. We provide Art Director services, including photoshoot planning, organization, and styling.

Two-dimensional depth
We design deeply and strategically: the core of our design process is always to create a distinguishable story and bring it to life in multidimensional ways. Graphic elements play a key part in spatial environments that aim to communicate and strengthen a brand image.

Brand identities
Visual elements
Art Direction and image concepts
Graphic guidelines

Wayfinding design
Signage instructions
3D design

Target branding
Marketing materials
Identity design
Pattern design

Tone of voice

Production design
Production surveillance
Photoshoot planning

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Service design

Designing customer experiences begins with people. We help businesses develop customer experiences through spaces. We focus on how people function in a space, how they perceive it, and what makes them return. Our approach combines customer understanding, experience creation, and analytical research.

We create a competitive advantage and increased sales for customer service spaces such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. We utilize 3D and VR methods in our design process.

The result of our design process is a space that you’ll want to mark as a favorite and recommend to others.

Our services includ
Concept design | Customer understanding | Customer profiling| Service paths | Trends | Workshop facilitation | Interviews | 3D design | Marketing visualizations | Pilot spaces | Interior design

Service Design process

Strategic advantage
Our service design methods consider individual customer needs in the service path design process. We know which factors affect the customer experience and how to stand out from the competition.

Service design methods
We offer customer research and profiling, innovation-focused workshops as well as visuality-based trend and marketing analysis. Our tools include interviews, questionnaires, workshops, analyses, 3D models, and VR. We have in-depth experience in all these areas.

Physical and digital customer experience
Digital-era spatial customer experiences include more than tangible matter. We collaborate with digital service providers.

Business objectives
Visionary workshops
Management workshops
Visionary workshops

Customer and industry insights
Customer profiling
User, customer and stakeholder interviews
Targeted workshops

Visual tools
Design model
Visualizations for marketing
VR (Virtual Reality) tours

Customer service space concepts
Spatial service paths
Visual appearance
Visual storytelling
Spatial experience

Functional solutions
Scalable concepts
Pilot spaces
Premise design

Architectural design

Interior design often requires architectural plans. We provide architectural services, which facilitate communication and minimize overlap.

We often serve as the principal designer and architect in renovation and conversion projects. Successful space modifications depend on our vast knowledge of construction processes. We have plenty of experience in principal and architecture design in several historical conversion projects.

KOKO3’s architectural planning includes close collaboration with authorities, preservation entities, builders, contractors, and technical designers. As principal designers, we handle the above as well as permits related to the project.

Our services include:
Principal design | Architecture design | Property concepts | Change of use | Room schedules | Design leadership | Design coordination | Conversion planning | Renovations | Permit processes | Authority collaboration | Preservation processes | 3D design

Architecture design process

Architect and principal design
Architect and principal design services support our interior design. As principal designers, we lead the design team and are responsible for coordinating plans and permits.

3D design aids
We use 3D software as the base for our design work. We use models for design, client communication, unit calculations, and cost predictions. If you want to experience your space before construction, we also offer VR (Virtual Reality) tours or 3D models.

Our partners
We have a wide network of experienced partners in the construction industry, including builder consultants, technical designers, and contractors.

Concept design
Change of building use
Needs assessments and analyses
Functional concepts
Property concepts
Room schedules

Principal designer responsibilities
Design leadership
Design coordination
Permit processes
Authority collaboration

Architecture design
Conversion design
Preservation processes
Authority collaboration

3D design
3D model
Visualizations for marketing
VR (Virtual Reality) tours

Product design

Unique elements, such as light fixtures, details, and furniture complete an extraordinary space. Fixed furniture and custom pieces create added value in interior design projects. They create customized solutions that make a space special, perfectly reflecting needs and requirements.

We design customized furnishings for restaurants, hotel rooms, conference rooms, and any other space that requires functional support and a strengthened identity.

We create custom-made furniture for nearly all projects and find the most appropriate makers for them. We also design consumer products, such as the Lempi furniture collection for Matri by Fennobed.

Our services include:
Product design | Fixed furniture design | Custom furniture design | Limited series and consumer products

Product and Furniture Design Process

Stand out with custom furnishing
Reception desks, banquette seating, auditorium furniture, display shelves, and hotel room furniture are examples of custom and fixed furniture. We produce detailed production plans for custom furniture and consider practicality, budget, and production requirements

We find the makers
Our vast network of makers includes carpenters, woodworkers, production engineers, blacksmiths, upholsterers, glassblowers, restorers, and artisans. It ensures that we can offer clients customized solutions at competitive prices.

One of a kind
Our custom furniture designs are always specifically designed and tailored for a specific project — our designs are one-of-a-kind

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