Furniture collection for Matri

KOKO3’s first furniture collection, Lempi, was launched at the 2017 Habitare fair. The word “lempi” is Finnish for “favorite” or ”darling” and has a sweet, old-fashioned ring to it. Lempi enriches Matri’s furniture collection with new materials and contemporary design.

The aim was to create a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces of bedroom furniture. The collection focuses on natural materials — solid ash and rattan create a modern blend. The Lempi product family consists of a bedside table, bench, and a headboard in various sizes.

The rattan headboard is presented together with soft linens for contrasting texture with a modern feel. The rounded edges of the wooden bench and side table create a sympathetic Scandinavian look. The materials and colors are a continuation of the stylistic features of the Matri brand — the focus lies on timelessness, natural materials and harmonious color sto-ries. The Lempi collection is available in both white-washed and black-stained ash.

Matri is a Finnish furniture company, founded in 1986. Matri’s beds and bedroom accessories are sold in six countries, known outside of Finland as Fennobed. The brand focuses on durability, ergonomics and comfort by using quality materials and customizable, high-end design.

The Lempi collection is made in Finland.