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1040 m²

What we did

Participatory Design
Interior Design
Furniture Design



TESI is a state-owned company that invests in venture capital funds, private equity funds, and growth companies. When the company moved to Ruoholahti in Helsinki, the new premises needed to suit a wide range of different functions. The space was designed through co-development with the customer in the form of workshops and interviews. Closed spaces and open team oases were created to support the company’s work methods.

The spaces offer employees suitable environments for all their tasks. Warm hues of terracotta and yellow serve as accent colors in the otherwise neutral interior palette. The furniture selection focuses on Finnish design and classic pieces that were already in use in the former premises. The staff wished to have a green wall in the office – it is now a verdant favorite.

“We happily invite clients and stakeholders to our premises, which perfectly represent TESI’s identity and brand.”

Ulla Lalin