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Helsinki Railway Station

HSL’s new customer service point at Helsinki Central Railway Station reflects the actively ongoing shift toward a safe and more digitalized customer service experience, communicating HSL’s customer experience definitions – benefit, ease, reliability, and community. The space features two zones: a more traditional desk service area and an open area that functions both as a service and waiting area. The functions of the new customer service point support digital services guidance alongside traditional desk service.

The goal was to create an easily approachable, inviting, and universally designed service space that portrays HSL’s recognizable visual identity. Blue and white, the main brand colors of HSL, take center stage. The graphic identity and various campaigns are displayed on digital screens. Accessibility and physical needs of customer groups were considered in the furniture selection process. Custom brand furniture, such as a large round bench, repeat HSL’s signature loop pattern. Stay safe while using public transport!

Tila yhdistää digitaalisen ja fyysisen asiakaspalvelukokemuksen