Warner Bros. Finland

Creative solutions for creative people.

Warner Bros. is a creative workplace for television professionals. Our mission was to reinvent the company’s office space into a fresh, personal and relaxed interpretation of the Warner Bros. brand identity. The main goal was to create a place that you want to return to, both as an employee and as a visitor.

The client’s wish to cater to various work methods in one space offered creative challenges that were welcomed by our design team. The office needed to include private rooms, coworking spaces, and open-plan areas. Creating a clear distinction between staff and visitor areas was also an essential part of the transformation.

Color was used as a tool to create breaks and sections throughout the office. Dark and moody shades define the visitor areas, while staff areas are characterized by refreshing and light tones. These two color stories create a natural and easily recognizable divide. The same principle is followed in the floor design. Common areas feature textile carpets in subdued tones, while colorful stripes cheer up the work areas. The new materials also provide improved sound attenuation for more comfortable working conditions and improved noise control.

The best seafront views were designated for the open-plan kitchen and living areas that invite staff to enjoy the premises during breaks and casual meetings. The café-style dining area can be easily modified according to needs. A chunky and relaxed sofa set in front of the window encourages employees to sit down, relax, and take in the spectacular views.