An active office for top workers

As a state-owned investment company, TESI accelerates Finnish companies to grow by investing into them either directly or via funds. The new space supports activity based working by providing private, semi-private and public zones depending on the various types of work tasks. The solution needed to include solutions for team working and the answer to this was dedicated team working areas. One of these solutions is “working café” where the personnel can meet.
The interior brief was short and simple: Create a space that supports activity based and team working ideas. Keep in mind the re-use of existing furniture. If new furniture is needed, the emphasis should be in Finnish work, Finnish ideas and Finnish design.
The interior tonality of the new space is harmonious, calm and sustainable. The spine of the color palette is grey and black and the color palette was intentionally kept very small and neutral. The accent colors of the space vary from different sets of brick color tones to shades of warm yellow and natural ash. One of the wellbeing solutions is located in the heart of the space: A flourishing vertical green wall that is the most liked feature of the space. Other wellbeing factors, acoustics and ergonomics was a key focus throughout the process