Procopé & Hornborg

An activity-based office overlooking the rooftops

The new office space of the esteemed Procopé & Hornborg Attorneys at Law received a refined update, which reflects both the firm’s century-old history and modern-day practices. Moving to the new premises was an opportunity to examine working methods and identify opportunities for further efficiency – offering employees modern agility in everyday work situations was key. To update both working practices and the spatial image of the firm, the design focus was on developing a dynamic and highly functional activity-based working environment that feels stylish and modern.

The client’s wish for a more daring yet harmonious use of color served as inspiration for selecting beautifully contrasting shades of navy and gold, which set the tone for the visual concept. A core consideration was also incorporating both old and new elements for a beautiful mix that serves a comfortable and refined working environment. To incorporate the firm’s long history into the new space, some existing pieces of furniture, such as classic Boknäs bookcases, were restored and reworked to better serve the new environment. The breathtaking views of the Esplanade and the rooftops across the park add to the spacious feel, while the low-set windows create an embracing and cozy atmosphere.