Sokos Hotel Presidentti

Five interpretation of Finnishness

Sokos Hotel Presidentti, a legendary hotel in the heart of Helsinki, has moved into a new era. Inaugurated in 1980 by president Urho Kaleva Kekkonen and comprising of nearly 500 rooms, it is one of Finland’s largest hotels. The new hotel concept, designed to represent five different takes on quintessentially Finnish phenomena, was created in collaboration with Finnish fashion brand Ivana Helsinki. The five concepts spread out over five hotel room floors, each with their own unique take on modern Finnishness — bright midsummer nights, moody winter days, quietness, magical forests and “sisu”, the unique Finnish sense of courage and determination, make up the collection of Finnish concepts. The renovation also included the hotel lobby, seminar and meeting room floors, the auditorium and the VIP sauna. The architecturally grand lobby welcomes guests with a 10-meter hand-carved timber counter and copper mirror backdrop — several similar uses of contrasting materials and finishes can be found throughout the hotel. A golden catwalk leading through the lobby to the monumental staircase, the original copper sculpture and gigantic wooden wolf and moose heads mounted on the walls add to the playful and memorable feel of the busy lobby area.