Posti Next

A user-centered space for a new generation of employees

Posti Next, Posti’s new sub-brand, is building the bridge to the next generation of technology by developing Posti’s new digital businesses as well as creating cutting-edge customer service solutions. The new Posti Next office space was designed through a user-centered process, together with the client and end-users. Posti Next’s brand identity was designed by Motley Agency – implementing the brand elements into a spatial environment was a vital part of the design process.

The main goal was to create an office environment fit for a new working culture and a new generation of employees who are experts in various digital fields. Single office rooms gave way to a more open-plan concept that better meets the various requirements of modern-day digital tasks, varying team sizes and their altering spatial needs.

Posti Next operates agilely and requires plenty of opportunities for communal gatherings and brainstorming in teams. To meet these needs, a central gathering space was designed to function as the heart of the office. The far end of the open-plan space features a road map wall, which allows employees to examine and amend general development plans and creative visions. Movable whiteboards and digital screens were introduced to support flexible work methods and facilitate communication within teams and across all divisions.