A gem quarried from granite

Paasitorni’s entrance hall was originally completed in 1925 and is considered one of the most impressive interiors representing 20th century Nordic Classicism in Helsinki. The aim for the design was to give the space a face lift by creating a welcoming and recognizable spatial identity. The entrance was designed to create a fresh and elegant first impression — a crossroads at the heart of Paasitorni. The redone sitting area, placed in between impressive and decorative columns, serves as a cozy oasis for visitors. Lighting plays a significant role in the impressive space — new and modern lighting solutions bring the original color palette of the entrance to life and emphasize its intricate architectural features. Siltasaari Hall, adjacent to the entrance, was also redesigned and now serves as a sophisticated multi-use space that can accommodate events, lectures, dinners and cocktail parties for up to 200 people.