A gem in the heart of granite

Paasitorni’s entrance hall was completed originally in year 1925 and it is one of the most impressive interiors of the 19th century classicism in Helsinki.

Starting point for the design was to do a facelift by making a welcoming and recognizable spatial identity for Paasitorni’s lobby and Siltasaari hall.

The entrance hall was designed to be an elegant, fresh entrance - a sort of traffic knot in the center of Paasitorni. The renewed sitting area identifies now as a cozy oasis in the center of the colonnades. Also lighting plays a great role in the space - new modern lighting solution brings all original colors to life and emphasize the superb features of the architecture.

Siltasaari Hall is placed side-by-side to the Lobby and now features as a sophisticated multi-use space, where events and lectures for 200 people as well as evening dinners and cocktail parties can be held.