Paasitorni - Paasiravintola

A restaurant experience where classical and playfully modern intertwine

Bringing Paasiravintola’s interior concept and overall experience to the present was the main goal of this complete restaurant update. While strongly respecting the building’s history and neoclassical style, we set out to create a new spatial identity that seamlessly transitions from morning to evening events. Flexibility, space division and clarification of the customer service paths were also key objectives in this project.

An impressively long self-service beverage bar replaces numerous smaller serving stations and simplifies the customer experience in the buffet area. The bar is inspired by the restaurant’s original 1920s color scheme, depicted in a relief above the main entrance. The all-brass counter recess contrasts the historical style with its sleek and minimal look – the result is a playful and surprising play between classic and contemporary. Existing box molding was replicated to create a cohesive and era-appropriate feel throughout the restaurant’s three spaces. The hall’s two-tone tiled floor was brought back to its original glory by removing the central parquet area – a later addition - and replacing it with tiles that mimic the look of the original tiles.

A new dramatic space divider curtain in the heart of the grand hall’s seating area offers event organizers the chance to create more intimate environments when needed. Full-length window curtains in luscious velvet were installed to improve the acoustics and accentuate the impressive height of the space.

Lasikabinetti, a smaller event space adjacent to the grand hall, received a complete makeover. The transformation reflects the clients’ wish to create an unforgettable and unique event space rooted in Paasitorni’s heritage. The intimate cabinet received a new identity thanks to a unique wallpaper design that showcases Paasitorni and its surrounding landmarks from the Hakaniemi and Kallio neighborhoods.

Two modern halo-style chandeliers create a show-stopping element in Salikabinetti, the restaurant’s second private cabinet. Adding audiovisual equipment allows the space to be offered for presentations, meetings and intimate conferences.

New stackable chairs and foldable tables were selected for all three event spaces, allowing for easier floor plan transformations and drastically decreased storage needs. All new pieces reflect classic design elements with a modern twist.