Omistajan Olohuone

Shareholder’s livingroom

After completing a successful new service model concept for LähiTapiola, the client reached out for another exciting project. The task was to develop a new type of service that would incorporate LähiTapiola, HOK-Elanto and Diacor. The purpose of Omistajan Olohuone (Shareholder’s Living Room) is to provide HOK-Elanto loyalty program members with a wide range of services under one roof. At Omistajan Olohuone, customers are offered various services, ranging from legal guidance to insurance and health advice.

The project consisted of workshops, rapid concepting and validation. The six-month long pilot was built in Kauppakeskus Kaari, adjacent to a 24h Prisma supermarket. We were responsible for the multi-disciplinary design and leading the executive workshops. The design included naming, branding, visual and graphic identity as well as interior design.