Metropolia Myllypuro

A dynamic and adaptive learning environment

The magnificent Myllypuro Campus consists of four buildings with a total area of 45 000m2. The campus offers versatile learning, work and meeting facilities for 6000 students and 500 staff members. The campus is designed by Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects and Arkkitehdit Lehto-Pelkonen-Valkama.

We at KOKO3 were the interior architects for the project. Together with the teachers, students and the personnel we codeveloped the spaces for a new way of teaching and working.

The modern and open working environments throughout campus encourage encounters and community involvement. Along with classrooms, each building contains numerous “living rooms”. These open-plan lounges are suitable for studies, group work and student-teacher encounters. The campus restaurant offers staff, students and locals a pleasant gathering space throughout the day. The restaurant area includes comfortable and relaxed seating, as well as ideal spots for working and studying.

In addition to the specialized, program-specific facilities, the campus offers plenty of flexible learning spaces that can be utilized by all fields of study. There are six classroom types that all support altering learning scenarios. The design of these adaptable spaces pays attention to the use of modern audio-visual tools and furniture that encourage forming smaller groups while learning. Each classroom can be adapted according to educational needs. The completely accessible campus guarantees social inclusion for all.

The material and color palettes reflect Metropolia's brand sensibility and the buildings’ architecture. The interior design follows the architect's signature color codes for each building. The color that represents building A is yellow, while building B is blue, building C red and building D orange. The color schemes come to life on selected acoustical surfaces, floors and walls, and as cheerful pieces of furniture.