Living room of insurances

The insurance company LähiTapiola wanted to update the traditional ways of selling insurances in Finland. Encountering nowadays demands was the base for creating a whole new comprehensive customer service path.

The pilot was done in Iso Omena and the theme was “Life Support”. In addition to basic insurance indemnity the Life Support office offers a wider scale of services like Well-being and health services and also safety training.

The project was done in cooperation with Reaktor – a specialist in digital services. The idea of the design process was to create an easy approachable living room type space that triggers curiosity. The harmonic, Scandinavian colors and materials support LähiTapiola’s brand identity and both the graphic and digital solutions integrate smoothly in the space. Pay attention to the curved wall with the “menu” screens and the sweet showroom wagons with screens.

The pilot has been receiving a warm welcome and it’s going to be multiplied.