Living room for all insurance matters

Insurance company LähiTapiola wanted to reinvent the traditional methods for selling insurances in Finland. Acknowledging the modern-day customer’s needs and demands served as the core for creating a new and comprehensive customer service path. The concept pilot, called “Life Support,” was completed in shopping center Iso Omena. In addition to basic insurance indemnity, the Life Support office also offers a wide range of services ranging from well-being and health to safety training. The project was completed in collaboration with Reaktor, a specialist in digital services. The idea for the design process was to create an easy and approachable living room-inspired space that triggers curiosity. The harmonious, Scandinavian colors and materials selected for the space support LähiTapiola’s brand identity. The graphic and digital solutions are integrated smoothly in the space, offering a coherent customer experience. Focal points in the space are a curved wall with menu screens and unique, movable screen wagons. The pilot has received a warm welcome and will be reproduced.