HSL Customer Service Point

A new stop for safe and forward-looking public transport

HSL’s new customer service point at Helsinki Central Railway Station reflects the actively ongoing shift toward a safe and more digitalized customer service experience. The necessary functions were accommodated into the new retail space, reflective of HSL’s updated service model. The aim was to communicate HSL’s customer experience definitions – benefit, ease, reliability, and community – in the form of a spatial experience.

The space was zoned into a more traditional desk service area and an open area that functions both as a service and waiting area. A host station was placed in the heart of the open waiting area – here customers can be directed to the appropriate services immediately upon arrival. The host station allows for more approachable and open customer encounters, tailored customer service, and essentially less time spent queuing.

The functions of the new customer service point were developed to support digital services guidance alongside traditional desk service. A ticket machine and various types of digital screens can be found throughout the space. These are used to guide customers with digital tools and can also be used independently. The flexible and modifiable space lends itself to smooth customer service during peak hours as well as smaller presentations and workshops.

The goal was to create an easily approachable, inviting, and universally designed service space that portrays HSL’s recognizable visual identity. HSL’s main brand colors blue and white take center stage. The signature blue floor renders a strong visual statement throughout the space. Wall panels and furniture made of pine juxtapose the bright color with warmth and texture. In addition to the main brand colors, the signature colors of each mode of transport are repeated in furniture details. HSL’s graphic identity and various campaigns are portrayed on digital screens.

Accessibility and the physical needs of various customer groups were considered in the furniture selection process. The open area is furnished so that most pieces, such as tables, can be used as additional service desks and registers if need be. Simple and rounded silhouettes were selected for the furniture in line with the HSL brand aesthetic. The new service desks are individually height adjustable and accessible. Custom brand furniture, such as a large round bench, repeat HSL’s signature loop pattern.

The slogan ”The best journeys are made together” is highlighted in the space and fortifies the HSL brand message. A light sign with a thank you note serves as a grateful nod to all customers using public transport.

Stay safe while using public transport!