Microsoft Flux

Come play and create the next Finnish phenomena

Microsoft Flux is a Finnish startup community that helps startups and freelancers by giving them access to free network, high tech devices, coaches, networking events and also – coffee! The community space works like a library or café so you can freely walk in. In case you need a meeting room for a more private appointment that can also be reserved. Flux is located in a jugend stone castle on Korkeavuorenkatu 35. A beautiful view to the historic fire station can be seen from the hall windows.

Bright colors are used in furniture frames, sockets and textiles throughout the space, mixed with materials like velvet, brass, wooden surfaces and different type of panels. In Flux there are many ways of lounging: from an intimate pillow bay to a collective audience bench. Flux is a fun and experimental community to network and explore business ideas. It’s a fresh example of a new type of work environment in Helsinki.