Finnair Non-Schengen Lounge

An elevated experience inspired by Nordic nature

The new Finnair Non-Schengen Lounge has opened following a complete transformation and expansion – the principal and interior design for this project was driven by our office. The lounge comprises of the Finnair Platinum Wing and Finnair Business Lounge.

Finnair initially approached us with a creative challenge – to create a new Nordic vision for their Non-Schengen Lounges at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. One of the main goals for the project was to expand the existing lounge to accommodate for the swiftly growing number of customers who pass through the lounge daily. Another target was to offer Finnair customers considerably elevated lounge experiences that cater to their various needs. The vast project requirements were mapped in participatory and qualitative workshops conducted together with the client and London-based design consultancy Tangerine. Once the objectives were agreed on, we set out on a mission to create the ultimate Nordic lounge destination.

Finnair’s distinguished brand image along with quintessentially Nordic elements and values guided us to create visual stories for both lounges that are rooted in Finnish nature. With entrances to both lounges, the reception and shop area immerses visitors in the Finnair world at first glance. With curved surfaces and a subtle material palette, it portrays a moment of quiet and calmness, feelings so closely associated with Finnish culture and comfort. A flowing ceiling light installation resembling hanging icicles and subtle snowfall adds a distinctive look. The reception also includes new self-service entrance gates that ease the lounge check-in process for the increased flow of visitors. The lounge shopping experience was made more approachable with a designated shop area in the reception.

Finnair Platinum Wing, unveiled in June 2019, is a lounge designed for the use of Finnair Plus Platinum and Platinum Lumo members, as well as Oneworld Emerald cardholders. This lounge, intended to captivate the mystique of Lapland, is where we opted to combine crisp Arctic shades with warm earthy tones. Reminiscent of Arctic midnight skies, a deep blue hue is used extensively in specific areas of the lounge - it reflects the unique relaxation of the senses that can only be experienced in Lapland at night. This “Lumo blue” hue filters through all aspects of the Finnair brand.

For an improved customer journey, the Platinum Wing has been divided into separate zones that offer visitors the freedom to experience the facilities as they wish. With bar seating, a quiet zone, dining area, and cozy living room, travelers are encouraged to explore and make themselves comfortable in the area that best suits their needs. In addition to à la carte dining, an open kitchen concept and service bar, the lounge offers members the chance to wind down and experience the cornerstone of Finnish culture - a sauna. The adjacent cooling room includes a light installation that shifts in color and intensity, proven to enhance mental and physical well-being. Authentic materials and natural finishes were chosen for a luxurious aesthetic that offers tonality throughout this premium-level lounge.

The Finnair Business Lounge, completed in phases to seat up to 450 guests, includes zones for comfortable lounging, working, and dining. To honor the Nordic culinary culture, we designed a large communal-style dining area that serves as the heart of the main hall. The centrally located circular Blueberry bar can be accessed from all directions, providing a casual approach to available services. In addition, the lounge offers members the chance to enjoy refurbished shower facilities, a family zone, and a quick coffee area.

When designing the Business Lounge, we felt inspired by visual and tactile sensations that can be discovered on the wooden rocky islands in the Finnish archipelago and lake district. Textures and hues that reflect the rough rock formations, subtle greenery, and soft shapes carved and smoothed over thousands of years were woven into the design concept. White-washed oak, rugged concrete floors, and rounded shapes attune to the natural inspiration and quintessentially Nordic ambiance.