For foodies, friends, and family

EATIS is the new addition to Itis shopping mall’s food offering. The aim was to increase revenue through the creation of a new food court that is easy and relevant for locals and the ideal social hub for drinks and dining. The food offering focuses broadly on international cuisine.

The design is inspired by Bulevardi, a shopping strip in Itis that features a large and striking vaulted glass ceiling. Bulevardi’s abundance of natural light and its greenhouse feel was continued in the food court in the way of an urban food garden atmosphere - EATIS offers lush and edgy garden vibes complete with rusty tones, metal mesh, tiled columns, hanging greenery, and lanterns.

Instead of one central entrance, two corner entrances allow for new types of seating arrangements along the Bulevardi mezzanine. The restaurants are located on either side of the food court area. The central pathway divides into two at the centrally located elevators, now covered with mirrors. Natural light was maximized in the space by removing old recessed ceilings and revealing the original glass roof.

We were responsible for creating a visual concept handbook for all food court tenants. The handbook serves as a guide for the interior narrative and overall atmosphere while providing detailed instructions for further restaurant design. We were also responsible for naming the food court, designing its logo, and creating a strong visual identity. Graphic design included custom EATIS patterns, color schemes, and typography. The conceptual work was done in collaboration with Itis’ principal architect Berger + Parkkinen Architects and their local partner HKP Architects.

Lighting design was done by Lighting Design Collective LDC.